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SUP Yoga on the May

Get ready to take your practice out on the water! Move Fitness partners with Stand and Paddle to bring the only Stand up Paddle Board Yoga classes to Bluffton, SC. Every class begins with a paddle demonstration and lesson and includes all equipment rentals and safety gear. All classes depart from the dock at Bluffton Oyster Factory Park.

SUP Yoga is a yoga practice on a paddle board on a body of water. It is a fun yet challenging practice that can help you strengthen new muscles, improve your balance, relieve stress, increase your focus, and allow you to connect with nature.

The May River is a salt water environment. Due to the currant and 8ft tidal swings, our classes are carefully planned for low tide with the least possibility of boat traffic. While winds and weather can be unpredictable, calmer winds are usually present earlier in the morning. Therefore, it is one of the reasons why we plan the majority of our classes early in the day.

Upcoming Classes

Classes are based on tides and are weather dependent. Spots are limited so we suggest signing up early before a session fills up! Classes are $49 for 1, or $135 for 3. Price includes all equipment rental and paddle lesson.

7/8- 7:30-9am

7/9- 7-8:30am

7/22- 7-8:30am

Things to Know

Things to Bring

The less you bring the better! We recommend coming with bug spray and sunscreen applied, a small bottle of water if you choose to bring one with you, and a towel left in your vehicle for after class. We strongly advise against bringing cellphones and key fobs with you on the trip. All valuables will be locked inside the instructor’s car before the trip begins.

What to Wear

We suggest wearing whatever you feel the most comfortable in to move around! Options include: a bathing suit, shorts, a sun shirt, tank top, capris, or any combination of those items! Class will be done barefoot, but you are more than welcome to wear a pair of fitted water shoes if you prefer. We have lost a couple pair of sunglasses during class, so leave the fancy designer shades at home unless you have a way of securing them to yourself.

What not to Worry About

What if? 2 of the most frequent questions we get asked are about falling in and alligators! Before we get on the water, we begin with a lesson on what to do if you fall off your board. Honestly, we actually encourage you to fall in the water at least once! First, it’s refreshing, and secondly once people fall in, they are usually more apt to challenge themselves and try something new.

Alligators prefer lagoons and brackish water, and usually do not hang out in salt water. Since the May River is composed of salt water, the chances of finding an alligator present during classes is very small. Our instructors are trained at constantly monitoring the environment including watching for developing weather patterns, knowledge of oyster bed locations, and being on the look out for wildlife. The safety of our clients is one of our top priorities, and something we take very seriously.

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