Private Yoga and Group Classes

Private Yoga Classes

We are excited to offer private in-studio yoga sessions. We will tailor the 60 minute class based on your needs and preferences. Please contact us directly to schedule your session.

On Site: $85/hour; + $20 for each additional person

Off Site: $95/hour; +$20 for each additional person

Private Aerial Yoga Group Sessions

Whether you are looking for a fun bachelorette party idea, a birthday party experience that is out of the ordinary, or a fun girl’s night, we are excited to offer private aerial yoga group sessions. Typical group sessions include: 30 minutes of set up before class, 75 minutes of instruction, ability to bring beverages or snacks for after class, and up to 45 minutes afterward in the studio.

Group Costs: $140 for 4 people; +$35 for each additional person (can accommodate up to 14)

Have any other specific requests? We can completely customize your group experience based on your needs!